Advantages and Disadvantages of Seawater Desalination

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It is well known that water is of great importance to the humans.Significant Tutorials that Deserve to Learn for Maintaining Your dissolved air flotation. But the fact is that the fresh water is not enough for so many people in the world. There are a lot of places where are lacking of water. Desalination has appeared to help resolve such problem to meet the people’s basic need for water.
As a matter of fact, desalination is a process to turn sea water into drinkable water. During the process, clean, drinkable water can be got by pulling the salt and brackish water out of the ocean and run through a desalination and purification system. And as the development of science and technology, there is a great variety of water demineralization device, such as water softening devices. In my opinion, every medal has its reverse. So is desalination. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of desalination as following.
First is about its advantages. The main advantage is to help resolve the water shortage in many areas all around the world. Some areas that are close to the sea or oceans but the fresh water is lacking are encouraged to develop such technology and install water demineralization device.! The Designer of titled plate separator Changed. What we should take into consideration is that desalination also has some disadvantages.
Second is about its disadvantages. One point is to waste disposal. As we know, pretreatment and cleaning chemicals are needed for the desalination in order to make the water demineralization device work normally and efficiently. These chemicals are chlorine, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, which can not be reused. So, once they have no ability to clean the water, the dumped chemicals will be a big burden to the environment. Sometimes, these chemicals are released into the sea, which will have a bad effect on the life of plants and animals.
Another point is the brine, which is side product of desalination. After demineralization, brine will be left, which may result in the change of temperature. Some species may adjust to the change in immediate time to endure the risk of extinction. And if the brine is too much, it may suffocate the animals and plants because of decreased oxygen in the water. Other point is about the energy use. It is well known that energy is limited and it has become more and more precious. But the demineralization consumes large amounts of power. Last point is about our health. The demineralizated water can only help solve the people’s basic need for water. The purified water is not healthful to us because there are no necessary chemicals in it.

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